April 8, 2011


Do you like my moustache?
 Moustache bunnies delivered to Shop Handmade today.
If you want one and you can't make it into Shop Handmade just email me at redstitchdesigns@bigpond.com

Bye for now.


Jodi Dolbel said...

Very sophisticated!!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Goodness, what a great idea!! My son saw them at Shop & said "mum, i really need a bunny with a moustache, my robot needs a wife". Um, ok, the moustache is clearly fake in his eyes but he loved it, i was so thrilled i suggested them, they are beautifully executed. Love Posie

Wish Me Luck said...

Those are so cute! *____* I love their mustaches!

Melinda Stella said...

Hahaha they are adorable!