April 28, 2011

My Creative Space.

For today's My Creative Space I wanted to share another little bird I made this morning.
 I'm having trouble finding a nest which is big enough and not so fragile to display them in. This little nest in the picture is one that my mother found, it's so sweet, super delicate and made from all sorts of things like horse hair or fur.
 I need something a little stronger because the birds will eventually have their legs attached and I don't want everything to get tangled into a huge mess.
I would have liked to make one like this but someone pruned the grape vine before I could get to it, now I'm looking for another option.
 Ok onto my very exciting day yesterday! I went across to Tamworth to meet up with Posie! We have never met before only spoke via email and blogs, it was so funny I felt like I'd just caught up with an old friend. She is so lovely and welcoming.....doesn't mind a chat either,  truth be told I think I could have talked and laughed with her for many more hours than we did.

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Marg said...

The bird is so very cute, and what a beautiful nest.
It's great meeting internet friends, isn't it, and amazing how it does feel as though you have known them for ages.

Down that Little Lane said...

Oh I love the nest..perfect for my house as less likely to get knocked by my rather adventurous children!! xx

mel @ loved said...

Oh fun!! It'd be great to meet some of you lovely ladies in person, so glad you two had the opportunity. I adore your little birds, and how amazing are birds nests, so incredibly intricate & beautiful. I do remember the one you made, fantastic!xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Yay, just loved you to bits!! Thank you so kindly for the catch up & my new blue bird, she's beautiful, just like you. Trying to post about our catch up now, having technical difficulties!! You totally made my trip home, especially seeing Plain English was closed, gasp!! Love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh & you got a decent shot of my son, well done!! No idea why he was going for action poses in every shot?? Hugs to Ryan, what a lovely young man you have there. Love Posie

Catherine said...

Your little bird is so sweet. I really love the natural colours of the fabrics you've chosen. That must have been fun meeting with a blog friend, I'd love to get the chance to meet some of the lovely ladies I've met through blogging, hopefully one day. Have a lovely week Brenda.:)