April 30, 2011

New red dress.

Did you all enjoy the big Royal Wedding last night? We all did here. My mind kept going back to 1981 when Charles married Dianna and where I was. I remember that we didn't even own a colour TV back then but our neighbours did, so we all gathered around in their living room to watch the wedding of the century. I also remember mum bought us a packet of Tim Tams as a real special treat for the evening. Isn't it funny the things that stick in your mind.
Anyway onto another wedding today, and I'm so so lucky I had a moment of weakness yesterday at the "Sassy Willa" and bought this pretty red dress, because after a few phone calls back and forth this morning I found out that the wedding is formal......not more on the casual side like we all originally thought. It was not mentioned on the invitation......which made me slightly annoyed.

This dress is totally taking me out of my comfort zone considering 95% of the clothing in my cupboard is charcoal, black, white or some shade of brown. Yep I'm a neutral kind of gal, I only like adding a pop of colour through my accessories......not with the entire outfit!


Jessica said...

It is a lovely shade of red! I'm sure you will look great!
The wedding was fantastic, I was only a baby when Charles and Di got married. So I really enjoyed watching the whole event! And Kates dress was stunning!

by marie-nicole said...

It's a gorgeous dress!

So will you wear this one to the wedding or are you now off the look for another to tempt you in a moment of weakness :-)

I too remember watching Charles and Di get married on our old black and white tv!

•*¨*•¸¸.♥ Sweet Tresa ♥¸¸.•*¨*• said...

i love your blog so much esp. i see a lot of REDness at your blog and i love RED .. thanks for sharing lovely handmade