May 28, 2011

Feathered Friends!

It's no surprise that I love making little birds and owls, they are such fun to make in all sorts of fabrics and colours. I've made a few birds which I thought were my favourite but a few nights ago I made these and I think they are by far my favourite!
 They look a bit like husband and wife don't they?
 I think after making these little birds I'm going to mix the colours and fabrics more adds more character I think.
 Over the past few days I have found some more machine time, not as much as I wanted but it was better than none at all. As I said in previous posts I been making some little owls again.
 Sorry for the picture overload!

 I've also been making a few bigger owls again.

Now I'm looking for a bit of a rest for the remainder of the weekend, I have a stressful week ahead and I need to find the energy to get through.

Keep an eye out at Shop Handmade next week because all the goodies in this post and many more will be in store.

Take care.


mel @ loved said...

yes, those birds are really gorgeous & make a very sweet pair! Loving your owl fabric combos too. Enjoy your weekend..x

Bren said...

awesome assortment of owls!!

yardage girl said...

Loving the picture overload. Best wishes for next week - hope it turns out less stressful than you expect.

Susan said...

Love your little married couple, Brenda! A couple of characters for sure!

by marie-nicole said...

What a great selection of fabrics you've use there Brenda... your current collection of birds and owls are just gorgeous.

Hope this week is not too overwhelming... relish the good bits and draw energy from them, don't let the not so good bits bring you down ;-)

Parchet Baie said...

Thesee are very very nice, you are so talented. How did you do them? It will be so nice to see something like a tutorial.

dear olive said...

These birds (and owls) are adorable! So so sweet. Kellie xx
PS Hi! I'm just looking at your lovely blog for the first time. Nice handiwork.