May 24, 2011

Looking for more machine time!

I have some real cute little birds to share with you today. They are currently sitting on a shelf near my sewing machine, so cute!
 Each little bird I make has a different personality, a different expression on their face.
 I'm having a great time making these but I have to stop for a few days and make up some of my original owls........I thought people were over the whole owl thing but it seems as though I was wrong so I'll have a few new friends to share in the next few days.
On the home front things have been so so busy, I have a calendar full of scribble post it notes in all kinds of places reminding me of all kinds of things. I simply can't believe I haven't forgotten anything yet, maybe I shouldn't have said that I might jinx myself. Here is a quick run down on what's been happening in the last week....
  • Megan has had her run in the Diocesan Cross Country...... so proud of her for making it to the next level (even if she did run an extra 500m because the Marshall's weren't watching).
  • Ryan played in the schools Rugby 7's........made it to the grand final, the game was a draw and went into extra time, unfortunately the other team scored a try.
  • Ryan had his Cross Country  and placed well so now we have to move onto zone.
  • Doctors appointments
  • Swimming
  •  Rugby Training
  • Deciding once and for colours.
  • A gorgeous friend came to visit for a few days, we shopped, chatted, and went for coffee.
  • Completed a few pear, owl and bird orders.
  • Making of some more props for the Eisteddfod.
So as you can see there wasn't much time for my poor old sewing machine last week, I have things on this week too but I'm determined to squeeze in some machine time!

Hope you are all enjoying your week.


mel @ loved said...

Oh boy, life is busy! I don't think anyone will ever get over the owl thing, especially yours! But those birds are delightful..x

karlyn Jackson said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just reading that list. Such cute birds, love the fabric.

Vintage Scapes said...

I'm loving all of your little birdies and owls! So sweet!