May 14, 2011

Things I'm loving.

Today I thought I would play along with Paisley Jade's " Things I'm Loving " and just share a few snippets of things which make me smile.

Firstly is the fact that I actually got some work done yesterday, it's amazing what you can achieve when your husband takes the kids to school and you can get an early start. I really enjoyed making some more little birds for a few orders I need to get done....I made sure to make an extra for Megan's room this time.
 I'm loving the fact that there is some action out at our block. These big trenches are for power, water and phone. These two little possums are so excited!
 I'm loving the look of my new Home pears!
I love it when I make something for my family ( Lemon butter ) and they totally eat it all in three days. Luckily I have plenty of lemons left and I can make some more!
If you want to join in head on over to Paisley Jade and say hello.


PaisleyJade said...

Wow - loving your creations and that lemon butter looks sooooo good!!

by marie-nicole said...

Yum, lemon butter!!!

Glad to hear things are progressing on the building of you home, how exciting!

Hope you're having a fantastic week so far Brenda.