June 21, 2011

Taking inspiration.

Last week some time I had a weird dream about how incredibly busy I was with all my Christmas sewing last year and how I vowed to be more prepared this year. I'm thinking it was a message to pull my finger out and squeeze a few Christmas items into my sewing list. I know what you're thinking, she's crazy it's June, who thinks about Christmas in June!

I'm trying to think ahead because I know that our house will almost be finished around this time and my energy is going to be needed else where, packing, cleaning and organising all that stuff we've accumulated over the years, I know that there is going to be limited sewing time!

So because they're so time consuming I made up a few advent calendar bases last week, now all I have to do is come up with a few different colour schemes......some traditional and some a bit whimsical.

I love this little make-up bag I bought Megan last Christmas and I thought I'd take a little inspiration from it for my first calendar. I can't wait to get stuck into it in between orders which are starting to flow again after my short break.
I'd just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of my lovely blog readers concerning my last post........your kind words mean so much XXX


Jodie said...

Wow, you are super organised! But...you have inspired me! I always say I'm going to start getting organised for christmas earlier and I never do. Maybe I'll pull out the fabric stash and see what I can started on too :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Love you Brenda & yes, you win the most sensible designer award, sewing for Christmas in June, congratulations. I break that promise to myself every year. Is it wrong that i have left your beautiful JOY pears up all year, they are too happy. Love Posie