June 18, 2011

Time to share.

Today I'm going to play along with Maxabella and share something rather personal, it's not something I normally use this blog for but it's going to explain my bloggy absence or rather lack of regular blog posts over the past month.
 Back in February or March (I can't quite remember as life gets so so busy and things tend to get a little blurred) I noticed a reoccurring pain in my breast and underarm, me being 40 and too busy to check it out thought it was just hormones. I do have an implanon in my arm and I'm thinking yeah that could be something to do with it, maybe I'm one of those unlucky women who are approaching menopause early......really early. Anyway I went on with life, kids, sewing as I would normally but the pesky pain wouldn't go away, infact it was getting worse! I'm no breast specialist so when doing self examination all I could feel was squishy tits and ribs........hmmm then why is it so sore?

It got to the point that sometimes it would keep me awake a night so off to my local GP I went. He recommended an ultrasound, yay, I thought this will sort it out once and for all. I rock up to the clinic on the morning of the ultrasound only to find that someone had taken upon themselves to clean my car and had accidentally thrown out my referral! What a f---- shamozzel this morning turned out to be. I desperately phoned my local GP and begged for another to be faxed through, they weren't impressed and made me wait for hours before they sent it through.

The initial ultrasound found a lesion which needed further investigation so the next step was to have mammograms and more ultrasounds performed in Tamworth. Well they squished my tits flat like pancakes in this direction and that direction, rubbed cold gel and that ultrasound thing hard, really hard to try and see what it was.

After a week or so of waiting I was then asked by the specialist to get a biopsy done. Ok not a problem I can handle this how bad can it be? Let me tell you it wasn't the three core biopsy's they took that was bad it was the anaesthetic........OMG that stuff hurts, especially in a big squishy boob.

Fast forward another week and the results are back and I'm now visiting my specialist to find out what happens next. He babbled off something but in laymen terms it was benign.........but! But what! He wasn't happy with that result, thinking that the biopsy may have missed the mark, it only has to miss the lesion by 1mm and you have a different result. He didn't feel that the results matched what he was looking at on the scans!

So a bit over a week ago nice and early Mark and I headed off to Tamworth so I could have it removed. First thing I had to do was have a "hook wire" put in, it's almost the same as having a biopsy done except they put a fine wire in and leave it sticking out of your breast to show the surgeon exactly where the lesion is. Pleasant! I then travelled down to the private hospital to be admitted for surgery..........5 hours later!

I've got to say this was the easiest bit! because after hopping on that bed and being wheeled in to meet the anaesthetist I don't remember a thing! Next thing I know I was in recovery with Mark having a cup of tea, high as a kite!

So I'm now sporting a 5cm incision across my booby, internal stitches and one hell of a bruise which has now turned a dirty shade of yellow..........and a one week wait for the results!

So here's what I'm so so grateful for.......

  • The results came back as benign........I just have lumpy tits.
  • My gorgeous husband......who was with me every step of the way and didn't leave my side.
  • My kids.......who kept me busy during those weeks of waiting.
  • My family and friends.....who kept checking up on me to make sure I was ok.
  There are so many other things I'm grateful for but these are the biggies!
It's obvious Ryan didn't want his picture taken, but I still love it.

So the moral of the story is........don't ignore your own health just because life is too busy, it might be that you  just have lumpy tits, but it may be something more serious. Either way your own health should be a priority because if you aren't taking care of yourself......how can you care for your family?

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Posie Patchwork said...

Love you Brenda & wishing you all the best. My SIL did the same thing, thought it was a frog in her throat kind of thing, busy with 4 growing children & pow, she had a malignant tumor in her neck, worse, my brother is a doctor & she didn't think to ask him to look at it & she's a dentist - hello, they are all about mouth & throat care!! They got it in one hit but yes YES, don't ignore the signs. Phew, good luck playing the waiting game.
LOVE that photo of Ryan, what a classic, he's so handsome but clearly didn't want his photo taken. Megan looks like a catalogue model, love it!! Thinking of you Mrs Gorgeous, well always thinking of you, you're just numero uno this week in my heart!! Love Posie

Jodi Dolbel said...

Im grateful that everything is fine, and like you said all along, you just have lumpy toys for Mark to play with!
Its been a massive journey for you and Mark though and i am so pleased that you were able to face this together!
Its so much easier to share the emotion with two people instead of going through it alone...... Love you and Im so pleased your ok!
Great photo of the kids! xx

Lee@mummyissuespart2 said...

Geez, what a time you have had! Gorgeous kids! Hope you are feeling 100% soon.

Bren said...

so sorry you are going thru all this, but so glad it was benign!!

Sam Findlay said...

Thankyou for sharing this with us, it's very personal and sounds like you had a bit of a traumatic time! So glad to hear that you are ok though! You are totally right though we do let things get in the way of our health and I sometimes think we all need to just slow down a bit! Anyway thanks again for sharing and hope you have a good weekend! X

Vicky said...

Well I'm very grateful for blog hops and finding you via maxabella... because what you are describing is exactly what has been going on with me!! Now I went to the doctor last week, and she said to me that it was highly unlikely that anything was wrong BUT have an ultrasound and a mammogram just in case... so have I gone and done either? No. Will I now? YES! Thanks Brenda for sharing your story, because its motivated me to pull my head out of the sand and take some notice!!

karlyn Jackson said...

So glad you got a good result Brenda, it can't have been easy, It's always so easy to think the worst, thanks for sharing!

Jackie said...

Happy news Brenda... so pleased you finally got the results and they were all clear... YAY that's absolutley awesome, super duper news xxxxx hugs

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you today when I drove to Gunnedah... Take care and enjoy the little things....my thoughts are with you during this time....Meg

ZippyZippy said...

What a huge event to go through Brenda. Thanks for sharing this important info, all the best and take care.

Angie said...

Oh Brenda..........I feel your pain! Brave girl, thank heaven you had it checked. Hope you are feeling better now.

Maxabella said...

Brenda, I am so, so, so grateful to hear that. x

mel @ loved said...

Wow Brenda! What a frightening time. I'm so very glad that the results are all good, god what a relief..x

yardage girl said...

I was so pleased to hear your story ended well - lumpy boobs are great news as long as the lumps are benign. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you're finished with the lumps for good! Take care, Nic x

Yana said...

glad to hear all is well :) xx

Seana Smith said...

Thank god it was benign... and that you did look after yourself and jump through thos emany (painful!) hoops to get all checked out. Lovely to read a story that has a swift and happy ending. Well done!! I'm in awe of your sewing and craft as I'm totally craft-challenged!