August 14, 2011

Building stock and a house.

Somehow things got busy around here all of a sudden, I don't mind because I enjoy making gorgeous goodies and having a bit of fun with my sewing machine.
This past week has been spent stitching up a few advent calendars and a half dozen union jack cushions, ready for my return to Shop Handmade as of the 1st of excited!
 My pile of cushion tops looked like they'd make great chair covers......that might happen at a later date!
 There has also been a huge amount of action with our house in the past few weeks with the pad and slab going down and this week the frame. We were all concerned about the truck being able to get through the ramp so my husband took down the front fence so the truck could drive straight in and not damage anything. We spoke to the builder and told him to go through the fence, not the ramp. What do you think the "no brain" truck driver did?
 Being blind and not being able to see that there was no front fence and that trucks had already being using this route ( there were tyre tracks ) he decided to do what we had asked him not to do.
 Totally destroyed our ramp, ripped it to pieces and bent one of the big timber posts. As you can imagine it wasn't a happy day!
On the other hand this does make me happy......seeing the frame going up. See the front room where the men are working, that's my sewing room..... woooohoooo!


Felicity said...

I love how you've managed to balance out the bad with the oh-so good Brenda.

Your home looks amazing and I can imagine the excite-o-meter is running fairly high at the moment.

Happy day!
xx Felicity

mel @ loved said...

Wow, it's going to be amazing! I love those cushion covers as chair covers too,very nice.
Sorry about your ramp, really, a little common sense wouldn't go astray...x

Posie Patchwork said...

OMG, simply amazing how dumb people are!! Argh!!
Now, picnic on your property/ slab/ under the framework in October, in your future kitchen, yes?? See you there, love Posie

Becky said...

Grr about your ramp, but so much progress otherwise! It is looking very exciting from here.