August 18, 2011

My Creative Week.

I'm having alot of fun sewing and being creative again, and I know these aren't your traditional Christmas colours but I like them, they're a little bit whimsical and fun!
I have so many projects on the go at the moment, things that are bound for Shop Handmade over the next week or so, I have pears half done, owls, cushions, advent calendars, heart ornaments, I also have things on my to do list which might have to wait a while.
 Earlier in the week Megan's school was celebrating Book Week and the kids were allowed to dress up as wither villains or superheros. Megan chose to go as one of The Incredibles!
 She had so much fun with this character and she was even given an award for her efforts!
I hope you are all have a great week, thanks for stopping by.


by marie-nicole said...

Sounds like spring fever has hit your neck of the woods too!

It's book week here next week and my big boy wants me to make a dog costume, his favourite book character is Buck from 'The call of the wild'... we may have to do something simpler.

Enjoy your sewing!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yay, check out the costume & all that sewing. I must admit, when my 3rd girl won the book week costume award, i let out a little yelp & fist pump from the parents' section of the assembly hall. Oh how i miss Book Week, we don't seem to do it at our school here in Canberra, not kidding, the working mums binned it as it was a hassel, argh!! Love Posie

designed to a T said...

She looks SO COOL! I love it, congrats on the award.

I have a photo somewhere of my eldest at about the same age in a Canadian Mounties uniform. He let me know the day before they were to have their costume day!!!

I think the colours for your Advent Calendar are bright and cheerful. Anyway, who says we have to be traditional all the time. Glad to 'hear' you are mending and back in the swing of it Brenda...T