September 27, 2011

New Baby.

 About a week ago Mark took Megan down to the farm for the day to check the cattle. Later in the day he took her to visit her cousins not knowing that there a few new additions at their house. You can imagine the show Megan put on when she saw a big basket with kittens curled up inside. I think Mark had a moment of weakness because she came home with one.

This is Millie.
We've had her for a week now and she has just turned 7 weeks old. 
 She gets treated like a real baby, loads of cuddles and totally spoiled. She is one happy cat!!!
 Not forgetting Lulu.....she is one pissed off cat!
Just look at that face, I've never seen a cat look so disgusted.

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble commenting on other blogs. I try and sometimes I have to sign into my google account a number of times to comment, sometimes I can't comment at all.........far out blogger you are driving me mad!


ZippyZippy said...

She looks like one lucky cat, so cute and so much attention. I too have been having the same problem leaving comments - it' a pain on the but!

Jodie said...

Awww, what a cute kitty!

Becky said...

Yes, I have the same trouble. This might help:

Zara said...

Oh little Millie is such a sweetie. When we got our second cat FiFi our other cat kept up with the same disgusted look for a couple of weeks. They are now great friends though.
I have/had the same trouble commenting. I now use Firefox to comment. Hope you fix it :).

Anonymous said...

Awww so precious :) and yep you have one very pissed off cat ... NOT HAPPY JAN

gemmipop said...

Awww, cuteness! Have kitty broodiness now!

frou-frou said...

Hi there! Gorgeous kitten!

I'm with you on the comment leaving problems!! I thought it was just me. In the end I just use the name / URL option but dont get my logo on the comment that way :(

Fiona x

bec said...

Cute kitty!
I put up with blogger doing that to for months and months, have just switched to Google chrome, after a few recommendations, it is awesome!

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