October 3, 2011

Building houses!

Building a house can be completely overwhelming at times. You have a bit of an idea whether you've picked the right tiles, colours and trims when you lay them all out on the table, but you aren't completely sure until you see the finished product.

Fortunately when making a house cushion it's a bit easier to change my mind.
 I had planned on the pom pom trim for my latest batch of house cushions.......but after attaching them all I had a change of heart. Not so easy to do that on a real house.
 This is going to be our indoor cricket pitch, runway, bowling alley, according to the kids.
 I think the house cushions look so much better with a pretty little scalloped edge and a twill trim bow.
 This is our family room which will include the kitchen, meals and lounge all looking straight through to the formal lounge.
 I love watching our new home change a little each week, it's very satisfying to see that the choices made on paper were the right choices.
 This is one half of our back veranda, a place where we'll spend many leisurely afternoons.
 I'm so please with how things are going with the house, just as I'm so pleased with how my house cushions turned out. I took this picture of them all lined up on Megan's bed head where she already had the little birdy living on a stick ...... watching over her nest.
 I know this is a slow process, but I'd rather that so the builders get it right the first time.
 A couple of these house cushions have been listed in my madeit store if anyone is looking for a bit of cuteness! 
Thanks for stopping by.

Edit: Cusions have just sold, I'll try to get a few more made soon if anyone is interested.


Jenny from Ohjoh said...

LOVE the cushions and agree that the scalloped edge was perfect.
Did you make the bird on a stick ? it is lovely!
Good luck with the building.

karlyn Jackson said...

Your house cushions are gorgeous Brenda...you have been busy. House is looking great too, so exciting.

ZippyZippy said...

Both houses look like they are coming along perfectly! All the best with your pop up market.

luvly said...

Have just discovered your blog!...so many lovely things!! Your little house cushions are adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

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