October 9, 2011

Blogtoberfest day 9

Yep I totally missed a few days of blogtoberfest, but I kid you not I have been sewing like a mad woman for the past few days.........the crazy christmas rush is starting a little early.

I sent a huge box of goodies including these advent calendars off to Shop Handmade on Friday, hopefully they'll arrive safely tomorrow or Tuesday.
 I made this one for the boys!
 This one for the girls!
 And this one is a bit neutral!
 The lining on this one looks amazing, the skinny arm belongs to Megan not me!
 I'm going to try to get a few more made over the next month, not sure if I'll do the same colours or not. What do you think, should I do a different colour theme?
Even though I have a few things I need to finish off today, I need to devote a few hours to preparations for school tomorrow. I need to do some baking and ironing of uniforms!

Thanks for visiting.


Becky said...

I like the colours you have used. I made us one last year to help spread the Christmas Spirit out over the month. We had fun with it.

designed to a T said...

To be honest all the colours you've used this year (and last year) really suit the purpose. But if you wanted another choice, maybe one in the Christmas colours of red and green. Some people are traditionalists and like to have the red and green theme... have a great day...T

quilary said...

You have been working hard...they look fabulous!

mel @ loved said...

They look fantastic & the colours you've chosen are perfect! Gosh, haven't the holidays flown, time to get our heads around the last term of the year, jeepers!! x

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

I've been thinking of making something like this for my lot for ages (the eldest is 10!?!?!?!). I think this is the inspiration I needed - yours are amazing!
I love the neutral & red one.

karlyn Jackson said...

You have been super busy Brenda, I love the girly one.....I can't believe it's only 10.5 weeks til Christmas......arrrh!

luvly said...

These are gorgeous!..love the colours! I am in the process of sewing an advent calendar in purples and pinks - quite rich colours perfect for an aging Christmas lover that is myself I thought!!! :)

Haylee said...

Oh my gosh these are AMAZING. I'm especially in love with the first one. The fabric you paired together is all beautiful! You've got some major talent going on.

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