July 30, 2007

One Happy Camper!!!!

Guess who was lined up at the Post Office first thing this morning....... ME!!!!! I couldn't wait to get all my goodies from Cut & Paste, thanks Pip love it love it all!!!!!
Now all I have to do is to find somewhere to put it all in amongst the rest of the stash, then I get to play with it all!!!! How exciting
This is day 41 for me.
I know I have posted twice today that's because when I tried to do day 40 last night our Wireless Broadband Signal was down, there now that we're all clear on that have a happy day I know I will.


Pip said...

You are such a farm girl Brenda ... I wouldn't be very helpful pulling a calf!!! They are very cute, wait until you have to bottle feed a motherless calf ... now that's fun. Loving all of your photos and pleased to read that your goodies arrived safely and you like them. Can't wait to see them on some layouts.

Jodi said...

You didnt tell me that you got this stuff!!! Or was i too consumed with myslef today? SOrry!! I will come out and have a look at all your yummies when i get a chance.
Have a great birthday Ryan!!!!
Pulling Calves!!!! WOW!!! Where is the photo of you in the blood covered white shirt?? LOL