August 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan

Today is my little man's 7th Birthday, I can't believe it..... the last seven years have gone in a flash and I suppose the next seven will as well!
Ryan is absolutely mad on anything to do with WRESTLEMANIA so he was very pleased to get a few characters and DVD's relating to this craze! He also wanted a scrapbooking area or an office just like mine ( how cute is that ) so that thing I have been staining for the last week was a new desk and hutch for his room. I'm very pleased with the end result and most importantly so is Ryan. This is day42.
Birthday Portrait!!
Ryan insisted that I show you all his wrestlemania DVD, I must admit that we have all sat down and watched it together and while Ryan might ooooooo and ahhhhh at the fighting Mum is ooooooing and ahhhhing at the bodies!!!!
Just so you know Ryan's Birthday is 31 July not 1 August I have just posted a day late!!

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Jodi said...

Ryan sounds like he had a great birthday!!! OOO aaahhh at the wrestling guys!! Yuk!! Where is your taste woman!!! LOL