August 21, 2007

Day 63

Today is day 63 and I planed on finishing that layout I started yesterday but as usual there are always other matters which need a bit of attention. That's one of those things I do which I'm sure many other people are guilty of too...... I find it hard to sit and do something for myself if there are things that need doing like cleaning or whatever which is really annoying because the sky isn't going to cave in if the kitchen floor hasn't been swept!!! I have a friend Jodie who is able to spit out 3 or 4 layouts in a weekend and they look great.... boy I wish I could do it that quick!
Instead I might take 3 or 4 days to do 1 layout!!! A little each day when I have 5 minutes or so, so I can move it around and change the colour scheme a few times I won't tell you how many goes it took to get the colours for this one, It's not finished yet a bit of journalling and it should be ready to go. Thought I might give you a sneak peak...So yippety yippety that's all folks!


Jodi said...

Love this photo - it looks very sexy!!! Ooolala!! LOL
You layout looks very intrieging!!

Pip said...

Hey, Ilike your photo today, good light. I also really love your whole ribbon display thing ... what have you got on the end of the ribbons so that they attach to the ring?? Have you finished your portfolio for the Elite Team ... almost running out of time.