August 1, 2007


Pip is challenging us to tell all about our quirks habits and idiosyncrasies well I have more than a few many of which I'm not quite ready to tell about, but some I will and here is my first..... Take today for example, got up and had a shower at 6.30 thought I could get away without washing my hair as I'm not going anywhere today, by about 9am it was driving me crazy I didn't feel clean enough so I had another shower and washed my hair!!!! In the middle of a huge drought and everything I know..... bit naughty isn't it!!! I must wash my hair every day!!!
So this is day 43 for me.
Do you like the metal thing on the wall behind me in the photo? It's one of those fireplace guards... I got it yesterday at a cute little shop in town, I thought it was too pretty to put on the floor!!!

Oh I busted Megan down at the chooks pen a while ago guess what she was doing?..... Eating a Raw Egg and loving it!! Maybe I shoud be telling you about her quirks habits and idiosyncrasies instead of mine!!!!!


Jodi said...

How does the grill look. Looks great in the photo? LOL about the hair. So you dont need a shower helmet? LOL
Raw egg hey? Protien boost, builds muscle!! Its all good!!

Bec said...

Congrats on winner Pips photo challenge for July! Your dress ups were great!