August 2, 2007

New School

Megan started at a new Preschool today she was so excited..... deep down I think she thought that she was going back to her old school in Goondiwindi to see Ann-Marie!!!
You might not be able to tell from the picture below but Megan had a wonderful day at her new school. She talked about all the new friends she had made and what she did throughout the day all the way home from town in the car.
Megan and Ryan are standing on the veranda in this photo and Ryan and Megan just had one of their many daily squabbles about nothing!!!!! Ryan is suffering from Hat Hair and the fact that his face is pressed up against the gauze doesn't help.
As for me.... well today I had a cut and colour ( too many grey hairs showing ) by my new hairdresser Di Stacey, she's really nice and knowing that I'm new to town she always introduces me to all her clients so we can all sit there and chit chatter for hours on end. The first time I went there and I was having my hair washed the young girl asked if I wanted the chair turned on.... what are you talking about??? Turns out that the big black chair you lay on Vibrates, I couldn't handle it... it made me laugh too much and tingle in all the wrong places!!!! Cheap Thrills!!
Before I had my hair done I met up with the very funny Jodie for a coffee or two!! Speaking of which when I make a coffee at home the milk has to go in the cup first with the coffee and sugar, give it a bit of a stir, only then can the hot water be added. I can't stand it when it is done any other way and I do believe that it tastes different!!! How about that!!!!!
And that my friend's was day44.


Jodi said...

LOVE this picture!!!

Jodi said...

Your hair looks like the old you again......
Meagan looks very happy to be off to school with friends again!!