April 1, 2008

Huge Weekend

Went to see Keith Urban on Saturday Night....... It was like the best time ever!!! His Cd's are fantastic but he is even better in real life and soooo talented....... and soooo good to look at!!!
Here are some more great pictures It was truly a great weekend with lots of drinkies, shopping and of course lots of laughing.......... I'm sure everyone we came across could smell the " gum leaves". When I arrived home late Sunday night I didn't really know what to expect.... guess what I found........ kids bathed, washing done, kitchen clean and dinner waiting on the table!!!! Yeah Baby!!!! Mark told the kids that Mum has had her little holiday now and doesn't need another one for the next SIX YEARS!!!! Ha ha ha that's what you think.... now that I know he can handle it if he applies himself this is just the beginning!!!!
OK back to business.....I have a new layout to share, this is one of the pictures that I took of Ryan last week when he decided to put the hair gel in himself before we went to town..... and yes I did make him wear a hat!!!!!
Here are the little sprigs of leaves I made out of felt....... Autumn colours Yummm.
Just a quick not for those of you who may be wondering what my surprise might be...... no I'm not joining Amanda and Pip I'm not pregnant......looks like you'll just have to hang on to find out! Ha ha.
So that's about all from me now, hope you're having a happy day!


Jodi said...

That layout Brenda is just awesome and i love that photo!!!!

Jackie said...

Love this layout...I can see this one in a mag...no probs!!