April 7, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend but I managed to squeeze in a new layout. For those of you who know me really well you'll know that I love Autumn colours and earthy tones so when I came across the "Owl Pals" range from Sassafras Lass I had to have them......just perfect for my new layout!
The reverse side of one of the papers had these funny looking flower pod things on it, they were beautiful but not quite bright enough for what I wanted so I made my own with some scrap bazzill cardstock and shaded them with the kids colouring-in pencils.....I love the result.
Saturday morning after Megan had ballet they both had their second game of soccer..... I missed last week and Mark didn't take any pictures.... so as they were both playing at the same time on different fields I spent most of my time running (well walking fast) between each game so I didn't miss any of the action. Here is Ryan with his team.......mind not on the game obviously!!
Here is Megan with her shirt- dress on....you think they would have ordered an appropriate size shirt for all the 5 to 6 year olds.... then again they all looked so funny running around in over-sized shirts.
Bit of action..... Megan and her little friend Lucy.
Look who got a new footy last week...... I think this may have been a bribery item from last weekend when Mark had the kids all weekend..... well if it works why not!! Megan got a pink netball..... she thinks it's a soccer ball.....Oh well!!!
Who do you think this ball almost hit........ aarrrggghhh!!

Well now I've got to go shopping for a new pair of school shoes for Megan because Alfie our naughty little dog decided it was real funny to RIP MEGAN'S SHOES TO PIECES!!!! Not happy Jan!!!!
Bye for now

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Jodi said...

BRENDA!!! Honestly!! Where do you come up with these ideas!!!!
That layout is Brilliant!!!!
Hows your big news coming along.... Im looking forward to it!!!