April 14, 2008

Long time coming

This was a hard decision for me because I really love the long hair on Megan and she has never had a big hair cut before............ she has only ever has the teeniest of trims. It is becoming harder and harder to keep knots out of it food out of it and I am constantly having to tie it up or plat it......so over that! I thought if it was a bit shorter Megan might be able to start looking after it herself...... maybe!
Here is 5 1/2 years of hair growth!
Ready to cut
This is what it looks like finished
Our friend Kelly is the only one Megan would let cut her hair....... she did a great job it looks fantastic...... and Megan looks much more grown up.
Just spent the weekend in Goondiwindi...... had a fantastic time visiting and catching up..... got to see a brand new baby and lots lots more....... I will share more pictures with you later.
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Jodi said...

Meagy!!!! Your hair looks lovely and healthy at that length..
Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Gundy!