April 16, 2008

Pics to share

I thought I'd share a few more pictures that were taken on the weekend........ I'll share the rest later in the week.

Here I am with Ryan and Megan at the Town House on Saturday morning just before we went for breakfast and a bit of shopping in down town Gundy....... wasn't that fun or should I say busy! I didn't realise the races were on as well and everyone was doing some last minute shopping to complete their outfits. It's been exactly 1 year since we moved away from Goondiwindi and it was really nice to see some familiar faces and check out all the changes around town.

Now onto the gorgeous baby I was talking about........ this is Lilly and she is only 10 weeks old.

Here she is with one very proud mum Kelly........ and I must say that motherhood comes so naturally for Kelly...... I was never this calm and relaxed with my first baby!

Megan having a cuddle

Who would have thought that Ryan would enjoy nursing a baby......... every chance he had he was holding Lilly and talking to her.

Does anyone know who this man is?
If you guessed Arthur Birch the infamous parking cop you'd be right and yes he is in town today terrorising anyone who dares to park incorrectly. I was about to stop and take a picture of him but in real life he looks a little scary........ I'm sure he really is a nice man........ I'm only saying that because I haven't got a ticket yet! ha ha
I just had an idea..... this one is for Jodi who is wanting people to give her photo ideas ( or dares ) for the remainder of her 365 day challenge....... go down and get a picture of yourself and Arthur Birch!
Anyway I have to go now and keep an eye on my kids....... they are awfully quiet and that usually means they're up to something.

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Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

how nice is that photo of the three of you...looks great in black and white...