April 28, 2008

Our Weekend

Apart from being cold and mostly wet we still managed to have some fun. On Anzac Day it was freezing....... I think I've been spoiled living in Queensland for a few years I don't seem to be readjusting to the cooler climate even though I grew up at Orange. Hmmmmm.......Anyway back to Anzac Day our Cousins Al and Kate were moving house and of course it had to rain so we left it up to the removalist and we all went for a gorgeous lunch at the Stuffed Olive.

For those of you who know my husband Mark you will know that he like to take us on a little mystery drive every now and then, sometimes these little drives last 8 or 9 hours and we do nothing but drive around looking at the country side which always impresses the kids, Mark switches off to all the hitting and screaming that's going on in the back seat and I have to deal with it! Grrrrr So I've learned to take a good scrapbooking magazine and put in the DVD player and lots of nibbles for the kids...... this works for a while! Anyway yesterday Mark said at lunch time "Lets go for a drive" well you could just see the joy in the kids faces because they knew it wouldn't be only for an hour or two!

Guess where we ended up after driving to Tamworth to have lunch........ Apsley Falls at Walcha which isn't far from Armidale...... mind you we stumbled across it by accident.

What a great spot...... a little freaky standing out on the viewing platform because it's a long way down.

The park has a BBQ and Camping area along with walking tracks all the way around the gorge.... I think we might go back a little more prepared next time and try it! Here are some more pics..... After all that we took the long way home as usual and go home at 6:30 last night...... I'm glad there is no school for my kids today because I am totally not organised!

That just reminded me did you all see Tracey and all of the kids on Sixty Minutes last night? They were on the Goondiwindi to Gallipoli Tour......they have been gone a few weeks now and I think they arrived home yesterday...... what an awsome experience for them all..... be sure to check out Tracey's blog over the next few days and take a look at her pictures. Oh and Tracey that surprise I was talking about is on it's way!
That's about all I have time for now, time to get the house back in shape after the past few weeks and get uniforms ready and get Ryan's hair cut as it's looking a little too long and the list goes on..... and on......I might even squeeze in some scrapbooking.


Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

you should have came to Uralla for a cuppa and seen thunderbolt... being so close from Walcha.

Jodi said...

Looks like a fun drive!!
It is lovely thought isnt it!!!