April 24, 2008

Rainy Day

Yep it's cold and miserable here so I decided to do a quick layout while being shut up inside with two very energetic children....... I did make them a mini album each to decorate and loaded the table with ribbon, photos and patterned paper.........that should keep them busy for hours.......well I think it lasted 20 minutes before they were trying to kill each other with a glue stick....... the mess is still on the table 5 hours later just in case they decide to come back!
So here is my layout.... bit lacking on the journaling I know but I couldn't concentrate with all the fighting going on around me!
Here it is a little closer...... and Pip I love your little dots too!
Yesterday we went to the pictures with friends to see Horton Hears a Hoo! I think that's how it was spelt! What a fantastic kids movie I loved it..... Oh and so did the kids! It makes you want to go dig out all of your old Dr Seuss books and have a read with the kids.
That's about it for now I've got to get up and do something and get away from this computer.... I've been sitting here for around 4 hours searching for a particular product and it's driving me crazy.

Bye for now


Tracey said...

Hı brenda I'm ın Turkey just wonderıng ıf I have mıst your news had a breıf look and dıdn't notıce ıt.

Jodi said...

Great Layout Brenda...
Never heard of that movie though.. glad you enjoyed it!! Did you manage to get your mess cleaned up?
I working on a Pip layout at the moment. Had great fun scrapping the last few days.
Look forward to catching up after the holidays.