April 18, 2008

Sweet Afternoon

Here is the result of another of our school holiday activities....... decorating cupcakes.... the most expensive cupcakes I've ever eaten! We had to buy just about every kind of decoration there was to buy on the shelf...... well worth it though they had alot of fun and out of 30 cakes there is none left...... and no we didn't make them this afternoon we made them yesterday afternoon. This maybe the reason my _ _ _ won't fit in my jeans!
On to something else now...... here are some more of the pictures we took on the weekend while visiting Nathan and Kelly and their new baby.

Late in the afternoon we all went over to the dam to try and catch a yabby or two.... I loved doing this as a kid it was one of my favourite things to do, turns out Ryan and Megan love it too!

Here is Megan before she had her hair cut.

These are Megan's nice new shoes....... yep covered in mud and all that red dirt, I've scrubbed I've soaked and they still look crap. I didn't even think to pack a pair of gumboots...... next time they'll be the first thing I pack.

How is every one else surviving the holidays? I was hoping for a bit of a sleep in till 7 am but that just isn't happening......as soon as it's daylight they're up and outside they go riding their bikes and scooter ( which ever doesn't have a flat tyre from all the catheads ) up and down the driveway...... we have quite a long driveway almost a kilometer and previously I wouldn't let them out there to play because of all the long grass and the threat of snakes but now it's reasonably safe ( except for all the prickles ) and hey it keeps them busy!
Not sure what tomorrow is going to bring...... maybe a trip to the Show to get ripped off by the show bag people and eat some stinky food....... sounds good doesn't it

Till then Bye for now

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Jodi said...

Brenda, that photo of you and the kids is gorgeous!!
Ive never sean that birch guy??? I am keeping my eye out for him though!!!
Hope your enjoying your hols!!