June 20, 2008

Off to dinner we go....

On Wednesday night we decided to go out for dinner to the Stuffed Olive...... we don't usually go out on a school night for obvious reasons..... like these two become little horrors the next morning when you're trying to get them out of bed.
Ryan and Megan were visibly excited about going out on a week night.
At this point I'm thinking it might be easier just to stay home and have a simple dinner........what do you think?
We got over our little moment and the night went ahead.... here they are making themselves at home in the restaurant.The colour scheme at the Stuffed olive is absolutely gorgeous....... Chocolate Coffee Red and Turquoise......Hmmmmm reminds me of some of the colours in the July Kit for Scraparooney
Speaking of which..... I spent the afternoon packing the kits and over the next week I'll get stuck into some layouts. If you are interested in the July Kit and don't want to miss out please let me know because a number of kits have already been reserved.
That's about all for now I have to go and feed the little monsters.........bye bye

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Jodi said...

One for me please!!