January 24, 2009

Look who came to visit.

Have a look who came to visit us this afternoon.......

He was so low in the tree we could touch him.....not that I'd want to take a look at the size of the claws on him......he looks like he wants a big squishy cuddle but you'd have to be an idiot to try it!!!!!
Here is a quick and simple card I made from some more scraps today......and I have to admit this one was lifted from somewhere I just can't remember where.
"Sleepy Head"
Here is my everyday life shot for the day..........lap it up Ryan because you won't be able to take a Nanna nap like this next week.......school returns for 2009 and back into routine which will be very nice.
"Fluffy Potatoes"
I made these absolutely yummo fluffy potatoes to go with dinner last night....they were a smash hit with everyone, even the kids cleaned their plate up. This particular recipe I got from here if you are interested.
I have to go and change the ice pack on Megan's foot because she was bitten by a green ant an hour and she has only just stopped screaming.......oh what fun!
See you next time

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Jackie / Kate said...

cute koala, cute card, cute Ryan and cute potato puffs.....cute, cute, cute !!! I gotta try that recipe. xox