January 23, 2009

Quick share....

Here is a quick layout I did today using supplies that were old and a few scraps....something we all have plenty of in our craft cupboard. The more I look at it I can't help but think it needs something else.
Here is today's everyday life photo.......and don't all freak out at the amount of dust on my TV it's not like this all the time.....the dust bunnies decided to move in while we were away. In the dry, windy summer months around here my TV could look like this every 7 - 10 days.....I hate having to dust my house all the time, but that's what you get for living on the land in an older house with a gap or two.....ho hum!!
"Dust Bunnies"
Yippety yip yip that's all folks!


Anonymous said...

Cute layout! I think it's perfect as is.
Kim Kesti

Suzanne :O ) said...

fun layout! i love the scappy collageyness of it!

leewoodside said...

Oh my this is the cutest layout ever!!! Love your style. xx