January 20, 2009

Something to make you smile.

It could be one of many things but today I'm not feeling overly cheerful.........maybe it was the intense burst of house work early this morning, or the fact there is only one cupcake left and the kids said that I was allowed to have it ( I am choosing not to by the way ), I don't know.....it's just too hot around here.

Here's something that did make me smile.......nice huh!
Here are some more holiday pics.........We all had so much fun especially because we had great friends we met up with.
The kids went boogi boarding......Megan was so over the fact that she kept getting sand in her eyes that she decided to wear her goggles......what ever works I say.

I'm kinda enjoing taking pictures of everyday life so today I'm going to give you two to look at....
"Gate duty"
"Someone has been playing with mum's camera"
Here is the latest Scrapbooking Kit I purchased, I got it from Cut and Paste and I'm so looking forward to diving into it......although I have a few scraps on my desk I'd like to turn into cards first! That's about all I have for today.