March 3, 2009

Almost done!

I've been sorting through my scrapbooking supplies all day having a bit of a clean up.....would you believe two garbage bags full of rubbish and counting. I think I have kept every packet even if it only had one brad in it just so I could tell where it came from.....every scrap bit of paper I did a journalling draught on. I usually clean up after I finish a layout so I don't know how or why I let it get into this condition.
It feels so good to almost have it all done, it's even inspired me to continue my purge throughout the rest of the house.......that is if I can drag myself away from my nice clean and organised scrap area.
Today I am going to share a before and after with you.........this would be most of my buttons ( I found more tucked away in a box after I took this picture ) I can't stand the cluttered mess they all made.

Take a look at how beautiful they are now.....
I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do if I need one of those purple buttons on the bottom.......and I know that when my daughter sees this later this afternoon that she won't be able to resist trying to stick her hand in and having a play!


Jodi said...

OMG Brenda.. that looks really cute... but jsut asking for trouble!! LOL

Tracey said...

Love your photos and your LO's Hope your buttons stay looking so good.

Josie Dean said...

lol I used to have it the way you have now and found it was too hard when I wanted one button in a set colour! and my little boy always wants to play with them! So I have sorted them out in to colours and put them in old Herb bottles! I knew I was saving them for something!