March 20, 2009

Hello there.

I case you were wondering I haven't disappeared totally......I've just been occupied with some other things.
I took these really cool pictures a couple of weeks ago......I still get chills when I look at them, the colour of the sky is amazing it look as though it's on fire....literally!!! Just so you know these pictures have not been altered in any way.

It really looks like fire doesn't it?

I haven't scrapbooked for a couple of weeks as I thought I'd give some other things a this painting........

Not quite sure what it's about.....but I had a blast doing it!

I made this as well.....they are padded canvases with loads of applique and embroidery, cute for a nursery maybe...........and NO I'M NOT!!!!!

Megan went to a birthday party on the weekend out at the Wildlife she is with her best little friend Tayla, they are so cute and funny when they get together.....they have even started calling each other on the phone a couple of times a week....I didn't think that was supposed to start for another 7 or 8 years.

Remember about a month ago when I posted about the Owl that was caught on our fence by his eye and I had to cut him off? Well, this is a happy ending because while we were out at the Wildlife Park on Saturday I made a few enquiries and to my total surprise he is STILL ALIVE!!! He is still in the rehab area but doing really well and is expected to move out into the public area in a few more cool is that!!! He will never be able to survive in the wild again because he only has one eye, but this luxurious Wildlife Park is gonna be a very nice place for him to live out the rest of his life.
I have been practicing with my camera and I almost had a super shot of Megan until she did this..........

OK, this doesn't make me happy. I spent an awful lot of money on these gorgeous Wrangler boots for Megan and when I made her try them on the other day guess what? THEY ARE TOO SMALL!!! Would you believe she only wore them twice......size 13 if anyone is interested.
So Megan and I went to Tamworth yesterday to try and find her a new pair of boots....I went everywhere and all I could find was ugly Dora boots or boots that made her look like a street walker......we did eventually buy a new pair of riding boots but I still would like some knee length brown boots so if anyone knows where I can get some please let me know.
Last day of Cricket tomorrow.......yippeeeeeee, now Rugby starts every Thursday for training and after Easter every Sunday .......yippeeeeeee, I'm looking forward to all those freezing cold Sunday's standing on the sideline.

Well I think I've blogged enough for one day so til next time....bye.

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marijana said...

oh they are so cute...
could you measure the length for me please:)and also how much are you selling them for as well please.
my email is
mskorput @ hot mail . com (no spaces)