May 19, 2009

Baking Frenzy!!!

A bit over a week ago while doing my grocery shop I came across a big bag of bananas ( 12 in all ) for the ridiculous price of $1.74, I thought they may have been a bit on the nose but to my surprise they weren't even over-ripe.......I thought even if they were too ripe my chooks could have them for dinner.

Now what do you do with 12 huge bananas that need to be used in the next day or so?

Make a load of muffins........ and then make some more!!! What a bargain!!! It probably cost me about $5.00 all together to make 12 extra large muffins and 80 medium sized muffins ( I added choc chips so the kids would eat them ). How's that for a super saving!!! I only hope that the kids don't get too sick of them in their lunch boxes.......I might have to make something else and rotate.
Most kids ( make that every kid I know ) are picky eaters, my two are no exception! I think they get some of their likes and dislikes from their father...........he won't eat a fresh tomato, yet he'll eat tomatoes out of a tin......figure that one out!!! I remember years ago before kids and marriage we grew a huge vegetable patch, he insisted we plant 20 tomato plants ( not 2 which would have been the more sensible thing to do ), only after we started picking ripe tomatoes did he inform me that he doesn't eat them!!!! What the, you're kidding me aren't you? So I spent many hours making sauce.....lots and lots of sauce.

Anyhow what I was trying to tell you is that my kids hate pumpkin, I bake it, mash it, I disguise it and they still won't eat it. That is until I turn it into pumpkin soup.........they love it so much they always come back for seconds......I don't get it!
Here is something else I attempted last week.....yummy apple pie. It's not the first apple pie I've made but it is the first time I attempted to do the pastry from worked, yay for me!
And now for something totally unrelated.
Isn't he fabulous!!! I love his head piece.......looks like he just home from the Mardigra Parade. I found him at the local show a week ago and I was very tempted to find his owner and beg him to sell him to me.
Here is another chooky I fell in love with..........I want some of these to add a bit more colour to the chook pen.
That is all I have today.


Jackie / Kate said...

That food all looks sooo yummy !!!

Jodi said...

That food looks devine!!! Yummo!!!!
ANd so MANY muffins!!!!

Pip Prosser said...

Firstly you are making me feel so hungry, all your baking looks delicious and your photos are just gorgeous .... secondly, love the cardboard shark, I think that you have missed you calling in life and you should have been a set designer ... and thirdly, I hope that your toe is better ... take care and enjoy your muffins, Pip

passion4pinkblog said...

Love to see your recipes and try them out. Good job on the shark too, you are sooo clever!