June 21, 2009

A little Inspiration

I've been pretty "naughty blogger" or should I say "bad blogger" of late so today I thought I would share a bit of inspiration.......for those of you who still visit me every now and then!!
This cute little birdy card I found in an Esty shop belonging to tiara tomato she has loads of handmade eco-friendly or recycled cards.....very cute.

These really cute and colorful fabrics were designed by Lizzy House.

All of these gorgeouse soft furnishings came from Runaway Coast.

Not sure where this funky rug came from but I thought the flowers were kinda fun.
Here is a little painting I did for Megan's room.....I'm having alot of fun with these at the moment and I might have some more to share with you at a later date.
Well that's about all I can manage today, it's been a huge day with Rugby and all so I think that I should go and get dinner started.
Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!!


claire said...

I LOVE this shop! And your blogs Brenda! Have you checkout out the giant cushion?! one word- amazing!

Claire said...

Runaway Coaast that is!!!