May 16, 2009

Oh the PAIN!!!!!!

This story starts around 8 - 10 weeks ago. Early one morning I was in the bathroom brushing Megan's hair trying to get her ready for school when.........Oh shit that hurt!! She had stepped back and stomped on my big toe with her school shoes on. Yes there was blood and a bit of cursing...the type of thing I can't repeat. It looked as though the corner of my toenail had been pushed down into the flesh, I thought it might be sore for a day or so and it would get better.

Oh how WRONG I was.!!!

Since that day I have had many many sleepless nights because the blankets are touching my toe, or the kids are bumping my accident, I can't begin to tell you how hard it is to try and not bump your toe on something!!! I haven't even been able to put a pair of shoes on.....thongs are all I can wear and with the weather getting colder by the day this does not make me happy!!!
Why don't you go to the Doctor I hear you say? Well I have already been three times and had minor procedures done.......OUCH!! Yesterday I went in to have a minor surgery performed on my toe a "Wedge section removal for an ingrown toenail", this was my last resort I didn't want to have this done but after being stomped on a few more times my nail had been pushed all the way down to the bone.

Are you cringing yet?

Having the procedure done wasn't that bad really....I had Megan with me for support she was off school for the day because some parents don't believe in keeping their kids home when they are sick, they like to share the misery. Megan watched the whole thing the blood didn't even freak her out, I couldn't watch all I could do was dream about being able to put shoes on.

I had to stay for about 30 minutes and wait for the bleeding to stop and during that 30 minutes the anaesthetic wore off...........OH THE PAIN!!! I never imagined that one big toe could cause such problems and PAIN.... OH THE PAIN!!!

When the pain stops ( hopefully by Monday ) I'll be able to put thongs on and then in a few weeks shoes!!! I think I'm going to treat myself to a new pair of knee length boots when this is all over......can't wait!!
Something like this perhaps!
Just kidding!! Something more like this would suit me better.
OK I've gotta go and take some more drugs for the PAIN!!

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Jodi said...

Oh Brenda!!!! The pain of it!!
I hope after having your dressing change on Monday its feeling better!!
ANd whats wrong with those lovely red shoes!!!!
But yes, the black ones are more you!! lol