July 29, 2009

Fresh out of the oven!!

While I've been without my computer I've been busily making all sorts of things out of felt, Megan loves to pretend that she baked them and serves them up to everyone for a snack.
These would have to be my favourite cupcakes so far.......aren't they sweet?
This was my first attempt at a dozen small strawberries, a little fiddly to make but well worth the effort.
The next batch were large ones.........much yummier than the little ones.

I sold a batch of cupcakes some strawberries and a few cookies today......yay so excited that people actually love them and think they would make a great addition to their child's pretend play toys!!! I'm seriously thinking about opening an etsy store just to see how some handmade things would go.........I'll just have to put my thinking cap on and come up with a bit more creative goodness.

Oh, and I made half a dozen cookies to go with all the other goodies.
School went back this week....I so would have loved another week at home with the kids..... a few more days of fighting, screaming at each other for the silliest of reasons and a permanent mess throughout the house would have been just perfect!!!! I love them both.....I really do !!

Thanks for all of your comments....I love love love them!!

Take care and see you real soon.


passion4pink said...

wow these look so real!!! how much for a dozen of those delicious strawberries??they are sooo cute!! Don't just think about going on Etsy just do it!!

Anonymous said...

I love them Brenda. I to would love to know how much the cupcakes and cookies cost. cheers Meg