July 31, 2009

How many fingers?

Nine.....that's how old my beautiful boy is today. He thinks he is all grown up now because for the first time he didn't want his mum making a big fussy cake loaded up with lots and lots of sugar and food colouring ( teachers love that kind of thing ) and taking it into his classroom to share with all his classmates!! I knew this time would eventually come when he thinks that mum taking pictures of him eating cake with all the other kids would be too embarrassing!

OK, here is another one of those things I've been working on.......
Have you worked out what they are yet? SOCK SAVERS!! How many hours have you spent picking out the grass seeds and prickles out of your kids socks, or have your kids complain about prickles getting into their boots. You can't buy sock savers for kids anywhere!!! I'm so over it so I decided to do something about it, great idea isn't it? I'm thinking of listing these on the Etsy store as well for about $10, but if you want some before hand let me know and I'll whip some up for you on my trusty machine.

A few of you have asked how much I sold some of my luscious felt creations for, I thought about this for many hours and took a look at how much similar items went for so this is what I came up with after taking into account the cost of materials and the many hours I spent hand stitching them all.

$4 each or 6 for $20
$2 each or 6 for $10
$4 each or 6 for $20

Plus Postage

Just send me an email if there is anything you want, just give me a few days to bake a fresh batch for you.

bye for now

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passion4pink said...

Too cute!! Love the pink sock covers(of course)