August 13, 2009

Busy Day.

Today I had a quick trip to Tamworth to grab a few things, I wrote myself a list which is unusual, this time I wanted to stick to only purchasing the items on the list rather than just getting anything I wanted...........hard to do I gotta say!

One thing which was on my list was this........

Remember a few weeks back when my computer died a sad and sudden death, well all of the software that was on it went as well so I treated myself to something bigger and hopefully better than what I had before! Can't wait to have a few spare hours/days to experiment with it!!

If anyone knows of any great and easy to follow tutorials on Photoshop please leave me a linky, I will be forever grateful!

Today I completed a few special orders for some felt goodies, I really want to share but taking pictures at night time doesn't work too well.......maybe tomorrow!!

bye for now.


lisa dickinson said...

oh PSE will be so fun to play with! enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

Check out Heidi Swapps new online shop it has heaps of actions you can download and use in photoshop and also check out Rhonna Farrer she is a partner in this venture she has some great how to's on her blog page. Have fun... Kerri