October 27, 2009

Time to cook!

On Sunday Megan decided she was going to turn our dining room into a nursery for all her babies, she fussed and changed them, fed and rocked them when they cried, when she decided that it was time for all the babies to sleep she wanted to do something which involved cooking!
So it became pancakes with a twist! She was told only to put one or two drops of food colouring in.........it didn't quite happen like that I knew it wouldn't, I knew even before we started that she would tip half the bottle in!
Food colouring overload!
I wonder how it's going to taste?
We used cocoa for the chocolate ones then put them in the pan!
One by one she poured waited for bubbles and flipped. Don't they look........errr colourful?
And take a look at this...........
They turned out amazing, the colours are beautiful and so pretty all together. All I wanted to do was take pictures of them and all Megan wanted to do was eat as many as she could.
They were (surprisingly) very nice to eat and didn't last long.....I had to put some away for Dad and Ryan otherwise they were going to miss out!
I've been getting a bit creative over the past few days so hopefully I'll have a picture or two to share very soon.
Hope you are all having a great day!


passion4pink said...

WOW!!! these are sooo pretty. A little artist in the making huh?. I bet they tasted really YUUUUMMMYYYY!!

Tania said...

I confess. I have my nose screwed up in an ew! at the same time as my tastebuds are saying 'let me at 'em!' I'm not surprised they were a resounding success!

Susan said...

Those are just the prettiest pancakes ever!

Jodi said...

I remember when i used to make coloured patty cakes... liek 100 years ago!! And the kids poo would be green or blus!! Too funny!
Stained the loo!!! lol

Leah said...

my kids would just love those, the colours do look fantastic!