November 2, 2009

Day at the Track!

On Saturday afternoon we went to the races, not something I would normally go to or get all excited about but Megan's best friend's family are "Trainers' and they had a few of their own horses racing, so off we went!
The local race club always has a heap of things going on to entertain the kids while the grown-ups have a bet or two. Megan immediately lined up to go on the "Mad Cow" a huge bucking bull.
She held on real tight!
Then it spun, bucked and turned until she went flying off!
Next Ryan had a turn.
He lasted a bit longer than Megan before he was thrown off! They loved the "Mad Cow" so much they lined up to have a go over and over again.
After we were all finished over at the track we went over to the stables to check out some of the horses.
This cheeky boy got a third.
Check this out.....both the kids and the horse were pulling faces every time I tried to take a picture.
This big boy got a first!
I think one day when the light is much better I'll go out to the stables and try and take a few more pictures, there is so much to look at.
Watching Megan around the stables I knew this is something she would really love to be around all the time, she really looked at home there.
I grew up with horses, competing on a regular basis at shows and sporting gymkhanas......I know Megan would thrive in that environment.......maybe one day we will be able to make that dream come true for her.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
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Jodi said...

As I have mentioned before Brenda, theres a lovely old horse in the paddock out the back that would love a little girl to sit on her back...
If she wants to have a play with Cimmi, shes more than welcome to... We have spare saddles and things.. if she takes to it, then you can get her her own horse...

passion4pink said...

Love that Mad Cow!! Kids will try anything won't they, they have no fear!!By the way,I know when my girls were young and if the opportunity arose for them to extend themselves outside their normal environment that I would jump at the chance.