May 12, 2010

Day Two!

My kids have been a little sick both yesterday and today, it's driving me slightly crazy today because while Megan is still able to run around chasing Lulu our cat and fight with her brother.....she is just too clogged up to go and sit in a classroom without spreading it around.
So this means some of the projects I was wanting to get to like a few tea sets are put on hold for a day or two, I just can't concentrate completely on making something beautifully while being at the beck and call of two kids. Instead I pulled out my Softies book and I found something that would look cute on Megan's bed.
She is called "Polly" according to the book with a few alterations and minus the ears or horns sticking out of her head. I'm not going to show her entire body because there is something slightly strange about one of her legs......I think I only stuffed it 3/4 full and then forgot to finish it because I had to go referee an argument. I haven't got enough patients to fix it today.........maybe Megan won't even notice! Here's hoping!
I put a few flowers together from my huge un-used scrapbooking stash ( Making Memories 5th Avenue Collection) to dress her up a little........and to take the attention away from her dodgy leg!
Don't you love the cherry fabric in the background I got it from here if you want to have a look around, I'm not sure if she still has the exact same fabric in stock because I've had it for a few weeks now but I know there are some other really cute cherry fabrics listed.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the day, maybe just a bit of blog surfing, refereeing, washing, vacuuming.......... blah blah blah.


by marie-nicole said...

Life with children is so unpredictable.

My husband and I have been fighting a flu this week... and today my youngest son started.

Ofcourse this week I've laid out an extra heavy production schedule to try and get ahead and all I am doing right now is eating soup, blowing my nose and surfing the net.

Hope your children get better soon so you can get on with your work and your cat can relax.

Little Ted Canvas said...

I think polly is lovely as she is & I'm sure she will be loved! I hope your kids are well again very soon...good luck playing referee, I do feel for you, I find that the most exhausting job of all...

Posie Patchwork said...

I hope your children get better soon. This might help perk you up - you sold 5 more owls today, from your shipment which arrived at Shop Handmade this morning!! Feeling better?? Love Posie