September 18, 2009

Good or decide!

This is Alfie, I adopted him from the RSPCA a few years ago after Phoebe died. Now Alfie is one of those dogs which you don't know whether to love or hate.....only because he gets himself into trouble sometimes, like the time he did this!
Like this morning when I walked out on to the veranda and saw this.........
I know, I know what was the rubbish doing on the veranda? Well it was too dark last night and I was too lazy to go out and dump it in the big bin.
Now look at Alfie's face, he has alot of character for a little fella, one of his bottom teeth is always sticking up, he's scruffy, big brown eyes. This morning character wasn't going to get him off the hook for what he'd done......I certainly didn't need this huge stinkin' mess all over my veranda while I was trying to get two kids ready for school and out the door by 8.00 am. Naughty Alfie!!!
Or is he? This afternoon when we arrived home after tennis lessons Alfie was barking and warning us that one of these was near the house!!!
I put my big mud boots on and grabbed the shovel knowing exactly what he was barking at! OMG this Sucker was huge! The snake and I had a Mexican stand off for about 20 min he hissed and tried to strike at me a few times, I waited until the snake decided to slither away and went for it! I gave it all I could and tried to chop it in half but it's body was real tough and I think all he got was a bit of a back ache! Until we meet again I said to myself as my heart was nearly jumping out of my chest........and we will meet again!
So now I must decide is this little dog the little dog who thinks it's fun to rip my garbage to pieces and spread it all over my veranda, the little dog who warns his family of danger, is he GOOD or BAD?
I think I always knew the answer to that one...........thanks Alfie for protecting your family!


Jodi said...

Your a good by Alfie!!! pat pat!!
Bloody Nora, i can just see you doing the Mexican standoff!!
Too funny!

passion4pink said...

I think we have Alfie's sister Bindi up the back yard!! We had to adopt her when the kids left home.I HATE snakes to death!!!! You're braver than me I can tell you!!

Jodi said...

No, your the divine one, cause your 39!! lol